Entrepreneurial mother does not get high the maternity allowance

From January 2016 will come into force the new Law on Social Insurance Benefits.

The revised provisions concern, among other things, when expectant mothers assumed the apparent economic activities, shortly before the planned date of birth, have paid premium for health insurance from the declared highest base and postpartum procure the right to receive maternity benefit calculated from this base.

Since the new year, the amount of maternity benefit will be adequate until the premium is paid sickness, and the maximum benefit will be entitled to after 12 months of contribution from the high scratch.


Read more: http://www.vat.pl/0807-koniec-wysokich-zasilkow-dla-przedsiebiorczych-matek-prezydent-podpisal-ustawe-10495/

Opublikowano: 21.08.2015
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