New penalties for failure of the financial statements in the tax office

Much has recently said that the Ministry of Finance is changing the rules so that they are better for the taxpayers.

Meanwhile, from 01.01.2015 entered into force the amended rules of the Kodeks karny skarbowy, which is added to a penalty for failure to submit financial statements to the tax office. The penalty can be severe financially. Its height can range from 175 pln to 35.000 pln. For the implementation of the obligations and responsibilities of a manager of the unit tax, which means that if you accept the mandate must reckon with a fine up to 3.5 thousand pln.

Friendly policy towards the taxpayer already provides three serious sanctions for not fulfilling reporting obligations. Beside mentioned above, contains rules in the Accounting Act of administration unreliable data in the report and the rules of the law on the National Court Register for failure financial statement to the National Court.


Read more:–nowe-kary-za-niezlozenie-sprawozdania-rocznego-w-urzedzie-skarbowym.html

Opublikowano: 26.03.2015
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