A founder of the AB Plus, since always an accountant, so tired by the stereotype of perception of this profession to not only talk about it openly but to take the matters into her own hands and do something about it.

When writing a few words about myself, I would like to start with education, however, I wonder now how little impact it has on my professional work, higher education majoring in Finance and Accounting at the Faculty of Management at The University of Warsaw is a theory, indeed necessary, but in many aspects not keeping in pace with the changing realities. So, what to write about? How to convince you that I know what I do, that I have an idea of how to meet the demands of the market? Professional experience. Several years of work in the industry, both during the studies and after graduation, touching the subject of accounting of many customers at accounting offices, as well as internal accounting in companies, issues concerning service, production, import and export, human resources, as well as planning and financial management; all this gave a taste of the market, real and living business.

I confirmed my substantive knowledge by applying it in practice. I constantly learn accounting, because, similarly to the market, it changes each day; every project, business idea means the development, which is followed by accounting.

Accounting cannot be an origination separated from the reality, which must be subordinated to the functioning of the company. Accounting is a part of the company, which shall understand and adapt to the plants and ideas of an entrepreneur. This is how I understand my role in the business; I care about the correctness of records and documents, so each of your projects is in compliance with applicable tax laws, which rigid interpretation does not limit the entrepreneurship. I do not tend to correct the business, I accept each idea with interest, I listen to the customer, I carefully follow the market trends, I observe how over the years the technology has forced changes ranging from the market freedom to the structure of government administration, and this is just the beginning… The market changes, so in order to become known there, as a young person I want to be up to these changes. Therefore, I must independently decide about my work. Deceptive? Well, not at all! It turns out that there are people around who share my view, people, who as the customers approve my vision, people, who as collaborators or partners want to contribute to this vision.

New ideas arise in the minds of businessmen, result from the needs of companies, before they are managed by scientists and engineers, entrepreneurs themselves feel the need to change. I want to participate in these changes, let’s create visions together, develop the market and expand the business.
My goal is the accounting service – the best from the point of view of the customer …

Anna Boszczyk
Accountant, Certificate Ministry of Finance 53320/2011
Chairman of the Board

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