Virtual office under the control of the MF

If You are opening a business and planning to use the service “virtual office” You must expect difficulties with the registration of the company, in particular, to obtain the tax identification number.

The idea of ​​”virtual office” was established in the 90’s and very quickly found out that it was the perfect solution to optimize the cost of doing business. Companies providing such services already compete in the bids, which have become more specialized and outgoing on the needs of the market. Unfortunately, it also turned out for rogue traders that such a solution is very convenient. That’s why a lot of interest in the subject of the Ministry of Finance.

In view of the increasingly frequent refusals of registration offices based company as a virtual office case went to the Supreme Administrative Court, whose judgment turned out to be favorable to taxpayers. Unfortunately, the Ministry of Finance remains of the view that a virtual office may be a threat to the orderly fulfillment of tax obligations imposed on the company in respect of VAT.

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Opublikowano: 04.09.2014
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